I’ve Got My First 12 Users

November 08, 2022

I’ve Got Users

In the last day over 10 people, not friends/family, made accounts with Lingualime. It feels great to finally have some users on Lingualime after over 3 weeks of building up the MVP. I have many new features both free tier and Pro tier to add. I also want to get French and Spanish flashcards produced in the next week as well. I’m looking forward to getting the Spanish flashcards on the application as I am currently learning Spanish and will be going to Costa Rica in April 2023. Therefore, I’ll actually be able to use my own product and will have the point of view of a user which will prove very useful when developing the product further in the coming month.


I need to start marketing the product as much as possible now. I’ve made several posts on the r/german forum on reddit. However, they have all been removed which is quite annoying. I was banking on this as a method for gaining users. However, I might just have to dm people on r/german or reply to their comments on posts with lingualimes’ link in order to acquire some more users.

I’ve also put links to Lingualime as pinned comments on all of my YouTube videos. As well as adding links to Lingualime in the video description and as pop ups on the videos themselves. Hopefully some of this will lead to user acquisition. In the coming days I will start to make some more YouTube content that will be promoting Lingualime or at least featuring Lingualime as Ads in the videos. I’m also thinking of using some older footage from previous YouTube videos to make some TikTok’s that will contain the link to Lingualime.


I’ve definitely felt motivation for creating the product decrease over time. I expected this so it’s not a shock. However, it just makes everything a bit more difficult. What I really need is to make my first sale. I visibly need proof that there is demand for the product and that it has some utility.

I understand now the importance of building and shipping the MVP of the product fast. You get user feedback ASAP and also it means your motivation for building the product is likely to be higher. The longer the project drags out without and recognition or feedback the less likely you will be to stick with it.

Running Out Of Time

I have roughly two months worth of cash left to fund my time off building out side projects into indie businesses. I don’t have long. I really love working for myself right now. Working on what I want. Learning every day. However, I definitely feel the stress of there being a time limit on this venture. I have two months to create a product or service that will cover my basic costs which are <£900/month or I will have to get a new Job. I’ve started actively searching for new jobs at the moment, as I need to ensure I’m not screwing myself over by running out of money in two months.

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