Custom Sign In Page And Getting Mobile Ready

November 08, 2022

Had another slowish day again today but still got some tasks done. Every day I’m making progress and that’s what matters. I keep coming up with new, cool ideas that I really want to work on. However, I can’t be getting shiny object syndrome now. I’ve made really good progress with Lingualime so far and I feel like I’ll have the first version of the web application live by the end of the week for family and friends to test.

Sign In Page

Previously I had a very basic sign in / sign up page that was very generic and came out of the box with next auth. So I decided to make my own page.

Refactored The Navbar

The nav bar is now fully mobile ready and now contains the user’s profile picture and a dropdown for them to access the user dashboard and to sign out. I also fixed the mobile menu icon as it was previously broken.

Mobile Flashcards

I updated the flashcard designs for mobile so that a fixed bar containing the buttons is present on the bottom of the screen when the user is reviewing the flashcards. The flashcards jump around a bit as each is a slightly different size. Something I need to fix in the future. However, this makes it considerably easier for a mobile user to review cards quickly and with less faff.

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