Stripe Payments

November 08, 2022

Stripe Payments & Pricing Page 💵

Man, it took me ages to get this all working. The Stripe documentation is actually really good. I have to give them credit for that. However, there is a lot of it and it takes a while and several reads through until it all starts to sink in.

Using Stripe massively simplifies billing. They provide a customer checkout & bill managing portal so a they do a lot of the heavy lifting on their end so it makes life easier for me.

I now have a working model where a user can pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. All they have to do is choose the plan on the pricing page and then they will be redirected to the Stripe portal to fill in their card details etc.

I decided to create a pro plan where the user has access to the full deck of cards. The free plan only allows the user access to the first 500 cards. In the coming few weeks I will add the remaining pro features.

Protected API Routes 🔐

I also added protection to all API routes to ensure only authorised users can access them.

What’s Next? 🔜

I have one bug to fix and a handful of small things left to do. As long as this bug doesn’t take me too long to find then my first iteration of the application will be live in two days. 🤞

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