I Can’t Monetise With Video Ads

November 08, 2022

Initial Monetisation Plan

My plan for Lingualime was to make the application freemium. I would keep most of the core features free but in order to use you would have to watch a non-skippable video ad before flashcard review and also one skippable ad during flashcard review.

It turns out that this isn’t very easy to implement. There is no clear documentation online for how to go about this. It seems that Ad Providers also want you to already have measurable traffic to your site in order use to video advertisements. This has kind of scuppered my plans as I now don’t have a clear way to offer a freemium product. I suppose I could still use banner and sidebar advertisements with google Adwords but I don’t want it to make the UI look horrible.

I wanted to then offer a premium plan for the application, say $19.95 a year. Where the user would then have zero ads on the platform and also would have access to advanced analytical and review features. However, these features are not necessary for the MVP (minimum viable product) and I want to get this thing live ASAP.

Buy Me A Coffee

Hence, I have went for another approach for the meantime. Using a service call buy me a coffee I have put a banner at the top of the screen. Essentially, a CTA (call to action) to hopefully entice the user to support me with a small payment. I plan to add an additional similar CTA as a modal right before the first review as well.

Feedback Page

I wanted to have a way to collect user feedback so I created a simple user feedback page where the user can submit their thoughts and share it live on the site for others to see. I think I’m going to add an upvote feature for this too.

Changeable Daily Review Quantity

I wanted there to be a way for the user to quickly and manually change the quantity of cards in their daily review. So I created a small input range to allow the user to do so.

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