Lingualime Is Live

November 08, 2022

Landing Page

I finished up the landing page. At least a super basic landing page for the time being. I added in a FAQ’s section at the bottom and also a section on what the flashcards contain.

Payment Canceled and Success Pages

After a payment is successful or if it is canceled during the payment flow the user will be redirected to one of the following pages.

Pro Version

I added in some logic to restrict a users access to only the first 500 cards of a deck for a given language. If they want access to the whole deck then they need to get the pro version of the app. I also removed the donate modal that pops up before every review for pro subscriptions.

Setting Up For Production

I had to set up my domain name on Vercel that I purchased on Godaddy as well as set all of the environment variables in Vercel so that they are accessible in the production build. There are quite a lot, and I had to ensure that I was using the correct production API keys, and not the development/test ones for all of the various things that I am using like the different authentication providers and also Stripe.

Lingualime Is Live 🚀

I can’t quite believe it. My first ever SAAS application, Lingualime, is live on the internet! This is essentially just the MVP and there is a lot still to improve. Last night I got my girlfriend and my parents to give it a go and they gave me lots of great (user) feedback. I’m going to address all of their feedback today. I have one major thing to fix and a few days of testing before I properly start to market it.

Too Many Database Reads

I think that I am making faaarrr too many database reads at the moment. If I get any kind of traction with the application I will very quickly run into problems and it will become very costly. I need to do research ASAP into how to prevent so many reads of the database. Caching?? I reckon that this is the solution. However, I’m not sure how to do this. So another thing added to the list of things to learn imminently.

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