My First Paying Customer

December 01, 2022

Validation. I can’t quite believe it. Today I got my first paying customer. An individual signed up for a Lingualime monthly subscription. I can’t even begin to describe what this means to me. It’s only $2/month, but it’s not the money. It’s the fact that somebody is willing to pay for something I built. Somebody finds value in a product that I created. Even if they churn (cancel the subscription) it doesn’t matter. What matters is that now I know someone is willing to pay. Where there is one there will be more.

The application is still in its infancy. There is SOOOO much to improve and build. If someone is willing to pay now then that is a great sign. None of the pro features are even live yet, but they are being built. I’m glad that someone is also willing to pay for an application that is web based. Something that I was quite worried about. I think I’m just going to go all in on the web app for now. I don’t have the skill or time to create mobile applications.

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