Recording All The Stats

November 08, 2022

Google Analytics

I got google analytics set up on my both this personal site and also on Lingualime so I can have some record of user activity and the amount of traffic that the websites are getting. This will also be useful in the long run as I can record custom events like button presses and traffic to individual pages.

Donation Modal

Since I don’t have a way to monetise my application right now, as the video ads idea has been thrown out the window and my application is just an MVP, I will need a way to generate some revenue from it. I really don’t want to have to put on google ads.

Therefore, I’ve decided to create a small donation modal that will appear every time before someone starts a review.

Recording Flashcard Review History

All of the data for each review is now being recorded. The review time, number of cards correctly reviewed, the button presses, new cards reviewed, total reviews etc. All of the data will be recorded and as a future premium feature I will use it to provide user review analytics.

Last Bits To Implement

I thought I would have had the MVP out quicker. It’s dragged on a little longer than I would have hope for. However, I’m almost there. I have another full days worth of features to build and also one main bug to fix with the review system. Therefore, I’m hoping by Monday evening / Tuesday morning, all being well, I’ll have the first version of the application live.

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