Spanish Cards & Mobile Apps

November 22, 2022

Spanish Cards

Recently I updated Lingualime to include Spanish flashcards. I am currently learning Spanish and this now means that I am an actual user of my own app. I’m hoping that with daily usage I will soon begin to realise how to improve my application from the perspective of a user.

Native Mobile Applications

In order to make this application a success I need to make native iOS and android mobile applications. Currently, I only have a web app. However, I really need to a native app implementation in order to have the best user experience in my opinion. It also means there is one less step in opening up the application as they do not have to use a web browser to access it. It also opens up the possibility to store data offline. Therefore, in order to use the application you would not need access to the internet.

I’ve looked into a number of ways in which to create a mobile application using some of the existing technology that I already now, primarily React. React Native with expo seems like the most obvious choice given my current knowledge.

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