Starting Back To A Full Time Job

November 29, 2022

As of yesterday I started back to a full time job working as a software engineer at a software development agency. I didn’t have the money to continue my solopreneur journey.

I work 37.5hrs per week now for my new employer. In my free time I will continue to work on Lingualime, my other projects, and continue learning Spanish in an attempt to generate side income.

My dream hasn’t disappeared. Every ounce of my soul wants to create a successful product or service and I will. In time. However, I can’t escape the requirements of life. I need money to survive.

It’s nice to know that I will have money coming in while I work on my projects on the side. However, I have to be incredibly disciplined and efficient with time.

My work with the software development agency will be very useful and I’m going to learn a lot. I’ll get to work on production web applications for clients which will give me lots of great experience that will be very beneficial in the future.

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